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domenica 14 agosto 2011

Barry M Nail Paints in Blue Glitter, Cobalt Blue and Mushroom Reviews

The quality on these nailpolish is awsome for the price.
The formula applies beautifully and it only took two coats to be opaque. They also dry very quickly and the color range in huge.

I picked these three colours:

Barry M Blue Glitter #297:  
It remembers me of Opi Absolutely Alice(I don't own it, you can see it here

-Easy to apply
-You need two coat
-Dries quickly
-Because it's full of glitters, doesn't last a lot (3/4 days)

Barry M Cobalt Blue #291:
-Easy to apply
-More dense than the Mushroom colour
-Needs to coats
-Dries quickly
-Pretty Long lasting

Barry M Mushroom #310: 
-Easy to apply
-Needs two coats
-Dries quickly
-Pretty Long lasting

I tought this colour will be better to wear during fall or winter; instead i like it also in summer with the tan.

Here you can find the swatches of Mushroom and Particulier (chanel) side by side. I think they look pretty similar!

You can buy barry M online from here:

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